Interview with the Vampire cast includes Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, and Antonio Banderas. Will he be able to find a cure or he has to finally pull the trigger? Below you will find a list of some of the best vampire shows out there on Netflix and they may not exactly be like the classic vampires but they’re still better than shiny little snowflakes. Where to Watch: Netflix. There's a catch. Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) wakes up from a coma to find the world taken over by vampires and her daughter missing. The two form a strong bond and begin their journey together. We have already written about ‘My Babysitter’s A Vampire’ series, but it is worth to mention the Canadian show was brought to TV following the movie’s success. But don't expect any intense gore in this series. Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, and Dr. Who’s David Tennant are all remarkable actors, who can turn even a terrible script into something amazing, and this time the script served them well. “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant” was released in 2009, but it still ranks among the best titles this genre has to offer. Due to the success of The Vampire Diaries came The Originals, which follows Klaus Mikaelson as he’s getting deeply involved with supernatural powers in the magical city of New Orleans. Audiences have seen the character played out in many shows and even the film starring Hugh Jackman. Just when humanity seems to have given up on survival, a hero comes to the rescue; Trevor Belmont. Van Helsing is the talk of the town amongst vampire fans. You should also check this one it out if you don’t really watch anime but enjoy animated movies. It’s a dark action vampire series that takes us to Istanbul, Turkey, where we get to follow Mia, who is trying to find a way against the ruthless leader of the dark side, Dmitry. The adult animated series takes after the Japanese video game of the same name. There they make new acquaintances and some of their past is revealed, while their negative influence never stops spreading. Or at least Wesley Snipes managed to make slaying vampires look so cool, a number of fifteen-year-old teens wished there were vampires lurking under their city so they could go on a rampage and slice a few undead into pieces. Rudolph is being chased by the skilled vampire hunter Rookery and things become utterly complicated. Who hasn't heard of The Vampire Diaries when it comes to the vampire genre? Here is another fantastic picture not many have missed over the past decade or so. The show was based on the popular book series of the same name by L.J. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. © 2021 Asiana Circus | All rights reserved | Disclosure & Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Website Created with LoVe. The Vampire Diaries. You might also like Best Book Series About Vampires from Around The World. If it … This 1983 classic deserves much more recognition than it has gained over the decades. The Gecko brothers are wanted by the FBI and take a family hostage and reroute to a strip club in Mexico. Do not miss this cheerful vampire story, with odd teenagers and endless fun these boys get themselves into while trying to survive. In fictional historic South Korea, Jo Yang-sun’s noble family loses its privileges when her father is being framed for treason. It is an eventful love story of Elena Gilbert, who has lost her parents not long ago and met a mysterious and handsome vampire. Another worthy anime to watch on Netflix about vampires is Castelvania. This remarkable classic has been on top of so many vampire movie lovers’ list, we just couldn’t leave it out. From Vampire Diaries to This Is Us, this list contains some of the Vampires | 2020 – | France | Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Vampire Knight | 2008 – | Japan | Anime, Action, Drama, My babysitter’s a Vampire | 2011-2012 | Canada | Action, Comedy, Fantasy, From Dusk Till Dawn | 2014-2016 | USA | Action, Crime, Horror, Supernatural | 2005-2020 | USA | Drama, Fantasy, Horror, The Little Vampire | 2000 | UK | Adventure, Comedy, Family, Van Helsing | 2004 | USA | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Interview with the Vampire | 1994 | USA | Drama, Horror, Dark Shadows | 2012 | USA | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Thirst | 2009 | South Korea | Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant | 2009 | USA |  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Only Lovers Left Alive | 2013 | USA | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Underworld | 2003 | USA | Action, Fantasy, Thriller, Let the Right One In | 2008 | Sweden | Drama, Horror, Romance, 9 Beguiling Famous Spanish Poems Translated to English, 26 Best Sci-fi & Space Themed Board Games & Card Games. The Big Bang Theory: Who's On Sheldon's Enemies List? is actually a vampire. He has awakened Akasha, the first vampire with his music and now the queen is in search of Lestat to make him her king. Another one of the memorable American vampire dramas that will glue its viewers in front of the screens by producer Julie Plec. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If you enjoy watching modern shows about vampires, you have to watch this French series. RELATED: 10 Vampire Movies To Watch If You Like Netflix's Castlevania. Trying to find a way to remain young, he visits a clinic, where three scientists take on his case. As of yet, there are only six episodes, but if it picks up, you can expect more coming soon. We respect your privacy. Vampires are a genre of film and television that will never grow old, literally. Well, this time girls get to see this dream come true on screens as Bella, a quiet high school girl meets Edward, the polite, dashing young (looking) vampire. Life is threatened all around Eastern Europe by the cruel Dracula and his ruthless fleet of dark creatures. Get our guides & lists to the best books, movies, games, unique travel destinations, accommodations, & foodie experiences from around the world. So far, it seems that The Vampire Diaries is here to stay on Netflix. With awesome gadgets, or rather instruments of death, the Marvel comic half-vampire, half-human hero is going to be famed for a very long time. He is adapting to the unusual situation fairly quickly, grabbing a gun, and jumping right into the action. Netflix has handed a series order to First Kill, a YA vampire series based on the short story by New York Times bestselling author Victoria “V. This picture has everything; love, action, outstanding fight scenes, and a memorable female lead. This suspenseful and entertaining show is definitely going to appeal to young adult and vampire fan viewers. Besides all the episodes being smartly written and delightfully suspenseful, the picture is beautiful throughout. The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix speculations started doing the rounds when the streaming service announced that they are taking the series off from the streaming platform. Life in the mysterious Cross Academy is surely much different than in other establishments; there are day and night classes, which are better off avoiding each other. We get to dive deep into vampire history and politics watching this somewhat shorter (5 seasons), but very engaging show. We get some flashbacks from the past, slightly reminding us of the hit Interview with the Vampire, still, it is a new take, so do not miss watching it on Netflix. Overall the story is quite imaginative that combines Dracula, Frankenstein, and werewolf tales, so if you enjoy a dark fantasy you are going to have fun for sure. La recensione di Vampiri, la serie TV Netflix tratta dal romanzo di Thierry Jonquet e ideata da Benjamin Dupas con Isaure Pisani-Ferry nel cast. Then check out our list with the best vampire stories from around the world. Spooky season is upon us and anyone looking for some vampire-related devilry need look no further than these Netflix shows. List of the latest vampire TV series in 2021 on tv and the best vampire TV series of 2020 & the 2010's. The two are doing a great job as usual and even though there are some flaws to the story, it should not be skipped, you are in for a good adventure and some serious vampire slaying. The odd and heart-warmingly cute boy makes a friend, who turns out to be a vampire. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. A Netflix original series, this Turkish-language show is set in modern-day Instanbul where vampiress Mia is on a quest to kill the vampire that made her, in order to be able to become human again. Share Tweet Pin It’s that time of year again to sink your teeth into something bloody on Netflix for Halloween. The show had everything audiences were craving from vampires, werewolves, witches and brooding and seductive romances. Best Vampire Movies on Netflix 2020. We not only listed classic vampire movies like Interview with the Vampire, Blade, or Dracula but we also have some of the newest and lesser-known movies and shows from countries like South Korea, Japan, and France. His life takes a turn for the better when he meets a mysterious girl, who cannot walk under the sun and human food does not interest her and she cannot enter his flat without invitation. Thanks to the young boy Barnabas, upon the family, is a terrible course being cast, which leads to the death of Barnabas’ loved ones. If you are tired of the usual vampire stories, then this one is definitely going to blow your mind. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The fantastic story begins in the 19th century and takes us to nowadays. Another superb comedy-horror classic to make your next lazy night in incredibly amusing. The movie is rather for a bit younger audience, but if you had a long day and looking for a goofy and fun movie then press play on this one. We continue following the unlikely adventures of the not-so-virtuous Gecko brothers, who are not afraid of breaking the law or get into some supernatural fight. Many fell in love with the show's drama and its refreshing take on the overdone vampire image. Ethan and his two best friends’ life is about to take an unexpected turn when his babysitter turns out to be a vampire. An outcast monster hunter rises to defeat Dracula alongside a magician and Dracula's dhampir son. While getting to know Virginia town Mystic Falls, plenty of out of the ordinary events are uncovered from its past since the 18th century. Suitable for all ages, it is a great watch for families and little ones just as well adults who had enough of raining blood and terrifying murders. Every Vampire Series and Movie on Netflix in 2018. by Jacob Robinson @JRobinsonWoN on October 14, 2018, 1:44 pm EST. What would you do if the new tenant next door turned out to be an ancient vampire who munches on your neighbors? There was another movie in 1973, but probably most people remember the 1992 version directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The best vampire movies on Netflix and Hulu Grab some garlic. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The Vampire Diaries, which originally aired on The CW in the States, belongs to Warner Bros and CBS, not Netflix. The series was also created by Rodriguez and the story is sort of based on the movie. The three odd boys then dedicate their free time to save their fellow humans from the horrific creatures. The priest is torn between his thirst and ethics as naturally, he does not intend to kill others. More info on our Disclosure & Privacy Policy page. He lets loose a hoard of demons that cause the countries inhabitants to live in fear. Get our guides & lists to the best books, movies, games, unique travel destinations, accommodations, & foodie experiences from around the world. Who has the most chance of survival? If wanting to combine vampires with anime, Vampire Knight might be the answer. An agreement was made to help build an amicable relationship between humans and vampires but proves to be harder said than done. The famed character had people afraid of what lurks in the dark. A well respected and beloved priest is helping at a hospital to offer support to the dying and even takes part in an experiment to find a cure for a deadly virus. Daily US News articles, stories, photos, and videos on Upon awakening, he quickly adapts to the modern lifestyle and gains fame as a rock musician. To further his pain, he was turned into a vampire to suffer forever. As we mentioned, you have to commit for a while since this show has 15 seasons. All the while she is being pursued by a secret vampire community. I love an anti-hero (a villain) that you still want to root for, and this has one of the best of them in the character of Klaus. Fright Night offers a scenario, although not sure if a famous vampire killer would join you in resolving the issue. As they slowly get to know each other, Eli, the little girl turns out to be a vampire. 25| From Dusk Till Dawn | 2014-2016 | USA | Action, Crime, Horror Bearing the same title as Quentin Tarantino’s horror movie featuring remarkable actors such as George Clooney and Salma Hayek and was directed by Robert Rodriguez. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Each of them is doing a great job turning the originally amusing story into something on the next level of funny. It's a refreshing new take on the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing. Somerhalder stars in the Netflix show as Dr.Luther in V Wars. Unbeknownst to them, the club is populated by snake-like creatures who feast on blood. The French series "Vampires" will be available in full on March 20 - Netflix For once, Netflix preferred photos to video to teaser the upcoming arrival of a series, Vampires on Friday, March 20. You'll most likely find her binge-watching a new television show or movies on Netflix into the early morning. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. All the while she is being pursued by a secret vampire community. It revolves around a half-vampire teen whose coming into her growing powers and doesn't know how to exactly deal with them. Smith. Being openly a vampire, which of course, many find only to be a marketing strategy, Lestat is in the interest of vampire clans to shut him up. It starts by following Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) who must adjust to life after her parent's death. Best vampire TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ or DVD in 2020 Reelgood is the most extensive streaming guide in the US and UK, with every TV show and movie available online. Plenty of action, obstacles, and fights are in their way to happiness. Gilmore Girls: 10 Scenes That Live Rent Free In Every Fan's Head. Vampire Knight is perfect for Anime and vampire lovers. It's not hard to guess that the show From Dusk Till Dawn is based on the famous Quentin Tarantino film of the same name. This beautifully drawn anime is certainly going to entertain everyone, who is fond of the horror genre. Dracula is a very well written re-imagination of the Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was many young boys’ go-to film in the early 2000s as it did not lack special effects and coolness. The story is very interesting as viewers get to step into the shoes of Park Ji-sang, a surgeon, who is doing his best to save cancer patients. This action horror movie is directed by Len Wiseman and stars Kate Beckinsale, … The best vampire TV shows on Netflix 1) Castlevania The quality of video game adaptations varies from “forgettable” to “so bad it’s unwatchable,” but vampire … This foreign Netflix show is set in Instanbul seeped with a plot of revenge and blood. The science-fiction horror show is based on an anthology series and comic book by Jonathan Maberry. A spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries focusing on the original vampire family and a rivalry in New Orleans, it has an intriguing back story for the characters, not to mention two rivals in a power struggle for dominance of a city. He is bullied at school and neglected at home, having not much to enjoy in his life. The first decade of the 21st century was revolving around the hit vampire movie series Underworld. In appreciation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, Queen of the Damned was filmed in 2002, which is loosely based on the third book of the series. Emma Roberts is producing a new vampire series for Netflix. Ian Somerhalder returns for a new bloodthirsty vampire show. So if you are wondering what to put on for your next classic horror movie night, there is no doubt you just got the answer. It is funny, touching, and definitely something new in the genre. Well, thanks to Neil LaBute the Van Helsing name remains feared in vampire circles as Vanessa, Abraham’s daughter takes on the role of the hunter. The names Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Michelle Pfeiffer are sort of guarantees to a fun cozy night at home. She's interviewed some great actors from Cress Williams of Black Lightning to Tati Gabrielle from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She soon meets a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore (Paul Welsey). COMMENTdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abff3145ac9019468d9dd12263905dfb" );document.getElementById("ia85112111").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Him being the last of his clan, there is no room for error, it is up to him to end the bloody reign of Clad Tepes. You might also like the best fiction books about witches: Best Books About Witches from around the world. Full List of Vampire Films on Netflix: Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant (2009) Dear Dracula (2012) Family Blood (2018) Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018) Monster Family (2017) Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! It is a sensitive time to discuss pandemics, especially if contracting the disease means turning into a vampire. Thanks to being such a lovable animated movie, Hotel Transylvania already has three installments and a fourth is announced to entertain in 2021. The show starts with many of the popular plot elements seen in the original film. img source: It is time to take those blood-sucking undead a little less seriously. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. *Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. I'm a professional wanderluster, a creative weirdo, & the founder of Asiana Circus a culture & travel site featuring travel, food, books, art, games & movies from around the world. In the current day, she is now a student at Cross Academy where she is a guardian of the "Day Class." In order to return to her human state, she must first gain his trust before emitting the final blow. It has just premiered in 2020 and still is due to gain proper acclaim. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Louis tells about his life as a vampire from the beginning when Lestat turned him at the end of the 19th century. Netflix describes the show as "The Count Dracula legend transforms with new tales that flesh out the vampire's gory crimes—and bring his vulnerability into the light.". The three siblings Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah are the oldest in their race being the first ones ever. With the same actors, we follow the same geeky teenager and his out of the ordinary babysitter. When darkness comes, strange events terrify locals, people disappear, strange animals seem to be terrorizing the population. Mia and her small team are fighting tirelessly, while love doesn’t keep away from our kick-ass vampire lady. The immensely popular CW series has won over the hearts of many when it came out in 2009. This lovely film introduces us to a completely different Dracula; a loving, caring vampire who is running a luxury hotel for all sorts of creatures to rest away from humans. The Dracula mini-series billboard by BBC was so creative, just for that half of the world wanted to see it, in case the evergreen story of the Transylvanian count wouldn’t be enough. Roberts’ company Belletrist Production beat out 18 other companies for producing rights. She begins to dress as a male to sell books and crosses paths with a Guardian Vampire, who has been protecting the system from rogue vampires. Starring: Oulaya Amamra, Suzanne Clément, Kate Moran. Vampires. Watching this film, you cannot really find anything to complain about, every member of the production team had done a great job. Your email address will not be published. Is Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix? It revolves around a half-vampire teen whose coming into her growing powers and doesn't know how to exactly deal with them. The vampire series, which ran between 2009 and 2017, has been available on the streamer in Britain for a number of years, but Netflix UK has confirmed all eight seasons will be leaving on November 1. It can get pretty dark and of course, there is enough blood for a good crowd. Paul Weitz (directed and partly written by) has done a good job and John C. Reilly (in the role of Crepsley) and Salma Hayek (supporting role) didn’t disappoint this time either. Gabriela is a list writer for Screerant with experience in all things television, film and pop culture. It's much more psychological and dark than what many would expect. If you want to take it easy and feel a little less creeped out or looking for a comfortable family movie, then little Tony’s life will definitely be a good pick for you. Over the years vampires have evolved into being blood-sucking creatures who may or may not sparkle or burn in sunlight. The popular supernatural drama which was based on L. J. Smith’ bestseller had won over the hearts of many critics and teen fans. Well, no matter what the ratings are, Underworld which embarked the start of this series, turned out to be one of the most popular vampire movies on Netflix of all time. Feb 29, ... with FX’s The Strain—based on a series of novels co-written by the mega-talented ... Abraham Lincoln: Vampire … Dark Shadows is indeed a great pick for those who enjoy dark humor, unlikely situations and of course, vampires. It tells the origin of Dracula himself and over the years coming to face his enemy, Van Helsing. Following the success of the video game, we get to enjoy two seasons of this thrilling anime. Sadly, the show only got through one season. The show has more than enough vampire charisma to appease any fan as well as some twists and turns and even werewolves. After his wife is falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake, he declares revenge. This Turkish Netflix original is quite new on the scene but we are hoping to see another few seasons of this action drama in the coming years. The Vampire Diaries is present on Netflix, but it does depend on where you live. Browse through every TV series and movie and sort by title, release year, genre, IMDB rating, and, most important— see where to watch it. The Reluctant Vampire (1991) Werewolf Concerto (1992) Comes the Dawn (1995) Cold War (1996) 1989–1996 United States English horror series Tales from the Darkside: Strange Love (1986) The Circus (1986) My Ghostwriter - The Vampire (1987) 1983–1988 United States English horror series The Twilight Zone: Monsters! Hotel Transylvania cast includes fascinating actors such as Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, and plenty more. This version isn't your typical hunter and is a strong female compared to other versions. Top vampire TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now. However, they later shared that The Vampire Diaries will be leaving for viewers in only some countries like Australia and New Zealand. There are many popular anime shows to binge-watch on Netflix if a fan of the genre. Selena: The Series Gets Netflix Premiere Date -- Watch Teaser Trailer Another war is brewing between humans and vampires, and this time, Ian Somerhalder is fighting on our side. The show helped skyrocket the genre into teen pop culture after the success of Twilight. It is a completely different type of movie than the Interview with the Vampire, it is a modern film that focuses on the already acquainted Lestat. 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There is a good chance every teenager had a fantasy of meeting the one, who isn’t just perfect in every possible sense but also happens to be a vampire. revolving around him and his return to New Orleans, 10 Vampire Movies To Watch If You Like Netflix's Castlevania, takes after the Japanese video game of the same name, 5 Slasher Movies That Are True Classics (& 5 That Are Way Overhyped), Shameless: 10 Things You Forgot From The First Episode, Gilmore Girls: 10 Most Memorable Friday Night Dinners, The Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Raj & Howard's Friendship Was Toxic (& 5 It Was The Sweetest), The Office: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous When Rewatching, 10 HBO Shows That Were Canceled Almost Immediately, The Office: The 10 Saddest Things About Kelly, 10 Widely Hated Series Finales That Should Be Re-evaluated, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Hidden Details About Bernadette Everyone Missed, Sex And The City: 10 Episodes To Watch If You Miss Samantha & Smith, Doctor Who: 5 Of The Best Eleventh Doctor Characteristics (& 5 Of The Worst), Star Trek TNG: 5 Times Picard Was A Total Jerk (& 5 Times He Was The Best), Every MCU Show Coming To Disney+, Ranked According To Hype, Jane The Virgin Characters Ranked By Intelligence, All American: Main Characters, Ranked By Likability, 5 Reasons Why Swamp Thing Needs A Revival (& 5 Why It Doesn’t). We use cookies to improve user experience and to make this website a better place for you. Let’s take a detour to Sweden, where twelve-year-old Oskar is having a pretty hard time. She has a guilty pleasure for thriller and action films from the 90's and loves a good K-drama to unwind. The show develops the storyline from the film much further to make an enticing series. Naturally, the three teenagers are by far not the ideal heroes to fill the shoes of the great Van Helsing or the famed Winchester brothers leading to some grotesque, yet funny moments. Well, after Netflix, it's time to take a look at some best Amazon Prime series which might be helpful to beat your pandemic blues. Vampires is a 2020 French-language supernatural horror streaming television series created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry and starring Oulaya Amamra, Suzanne Clément, Aliocha Schneider, Kate Moran, Mounir Amamra and Juliette Cardinski.. Here is another soon-to-be classic vampire movie that doesn’t spare action and blood from its viewers. Opposites Zero Kiryuu and Yuuki Cross are tasked to make the change between the two classes as smooth as possible, but it is a much tougher task than it sounds. A volcano erupts cloaking the world in ash and darkness allowing vampires to emerge from hiding. There are a very few vampire shows set in Paris, France, so we were delighted to have come across this horror fantasy. Based on French novelist Émile Zola’s breakout novel Thérèse Raquin, this South Korean horror movie is going to make you sit on the edge of your seat throughout the whole evening. 19 V-Wars (2019) This unique take on a vampire story finds humanity threatened by a highly contagious disease that turns people into deadly blood suckers. He reunites with his brother to investigate rumors and plots against him. It was not a question if any of the Darren Shan books was going to be brought to the screen, the only question was: when. He is even plotting revenge against his bullies, mustering the strength to attack them with his knife. Jim Jarmusch certainly doesn’t. Jemaine Clement and Jojo Rabbit’s Taika Waititi have put together something really outstandingly funny. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Thank you for your support, you’re awesome! It was originally meant to be a film but experienced many issues before being picked up by Netflix to become a show. It is very likely every fantasy and horror lover has heard of Abraham Van Helsing, but have you ever wondered if his legacy was continued by anyone? Grey's Anatomy: 10 Ways Cristina Yang Became Better And Better, 10 Vampire Related Shows On Netflix To Sink Your Teeth Into, 5 Vampires From Films & TV We'd Love To Hang Out With (& 5 We Wouldn't), plays upon the original Dracula character from the novel, 10 References To Other Dracula Movies & Shows Hidden in Netflix's Dracula. Distribuita per la prima volta in Italia il 20 marzo 2020 dalla piattaforma streaming Netflix.. With the help of close companions, she hopes to end vampires once and for all. Wait for it, it’s not one of the usual medical shows, the doc. Thanks to his extraordinary writing and directing and the skillful acting of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, the world just got a better place in 2013. We wonder if there is going to be a Blade remake any time soon. Despite the negative feedback it got, we find it a pretty entertaining movie, and let’s be honest, we just can’t get enough of Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. Some of these intoxicating vampire movies and shows will let you explore these folk creatures’ stories more deeply and give you meaningful and great insights into what it would be like to live forever. That earns them the title “Originals” along with some privileges, but their life is not easy that is for sure. Her having to fight both vampires and terrible werewolves keep every moment exciting, while love has found its way through the cracks. There is nothing better than the epic journey of the Winchester brothers for those who are fans of true evil-fighting kind of series. Breaking Dawn is split into two parts to finish the saga, so by this moment.

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