Art Agianst Odd

Star Special Report June 7, 1984


And talking of artists who continue to work in the same vein year after year, even decade after decade, brings me to Jamil Naqsh, one of the five dissimilar artists I mentioned earlier and whose work epitomises the diversity that exists among artists within the city’s arts scene. Though one of the most gifted painters that Pakistan has produced, Jamil Naqsh has confined himself more or less to the same kind of work for more than twenty years now. He did shift from his so-called “blue period” to an increasing use of white and, lately, to other colours such as various shades of brown, but his motifs have continued throughout to revolve around the female face and form with a bird or two included somewhere in the work as a counterpoint motif. These motifs and even the manner in which they are rendered (though always highly skilful) have become so typical of him, characterise his work to such a degree, that you can spot a Jamil Naqsh fifty yards off!